• Student Handbook is Here!
    Grab your Student Handbook 2015-2016!

    Student Handbook is Here!

    Available at: SSMU Building Entrance | Frosh Registration Tent | McGill Service Point

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  • Get pumped for Fall Activities Night!

    Get pumped for Fall Activities Night!

    We will have 300 student organizations all under one roof September 8th and 9thfrom 4pm-8pm in SSMU and on McTavish Street! See you there!

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  • New Event Management Software

    New Event Management Software

    Try the new system for booking you next event at SSMU building

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  • SSMU Marketplace
    List Your Classified Ads

    SSMU Marketplace

    Become a free member and start listing your classified ads within minutes. Textbooks, Furniture, Tutoring, Housing, Ride share and more

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  • SSMU External Affairs new website!

    SSMU External Affairs new website!

    To learn more about main higher education issues, SSMU political campaigns and community affairs. Also, stay connected with daily news about EA on our Facebook page: @SSMUEA

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  • SSMU now provides equipment for the ping pong table at Leacock!

    SSMU now provides equipment for the ping pong table at Leacock!

    Come by the SSMU front desk to get your ball and paddles

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  • Jobs at the SSMU

    Jobs at the SSMU

    SSMU offers a broad range of opportunities from large event planning to publication projects. What’s in it for you working at the SSMU? Flexibility with schedules, substantial job experience and access to dedicated professionals supporting your initiatives.

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Student Handbook is Here!

Grab your Student Handbook 2015-2016! Available at:  SSMU Building Entrance (3480 McTavish St.) Frosh Registration Tent (Lower Field – Y Intersection) McGill Service Point (3415 McTavish St.)

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Statement Regarding the Committee on Gym Accessibility and Women’s Only Hours

Following a request by two McGill students, consultation regarding the implementation of women’s only gym hours began taking place the students and McGill Athletics. Individuals and groups were being consulted and a dialogue was happening on campus. This dialogue was centered around not just the religious implications of their request, but also issues of accessibility,...

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Download your respective Graduating Class Mosaic! http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/about-us/publications/graduation-photos/ Old McGill Yearbook 2014-2015 Grab yours today! SSMU front desk.  SSMU office: 3600 McTavish Street, Suite 1200. (from May 19th to July 31st) Bookstore: 3420 Rue McTavish (from May 20th to June 5th) Please contact the Communication and Publication Manager for pricing and availability. Limited supplies

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The Old McGill Yearbook 2015 is here!

Hey Graduates! The Old McGill Yearbook 2014-2015 is here at the SSMU! Ever since it was first published in 1898, the Old McGill Yearbook has captured the life of McGill and its students. Grab your Yearbook directly at the SSMU Office Front Desk from May 14th July 31st: 3600 rue McTavish, Suite 1200 Montreal, QC...

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SSMU External Affairs new bilingual website!

  Hi everyone! SSMU External Affairs is launching a completely new bilingual website! To learn more about main higher education issues, SSMU political campaigns and community affairs, you can now visit ssmuexternalaffairs.ca Also, stay connected with daily news about EA on our Facebook page: @SSMUEA We want your feedback!  Please visit our website and send your comments at external@ssmu.mcgill.ca or paar@ssmu.mcgill.ca. Cheers!...

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Check out what is happening at the University Centre today!

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